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StyleScript, your style engine

StyleScript is going to disrupt retail & eCommerce as we know it. We put the consumer in the center of the universe again by tailoring a personal customer journey. StyleScript enables every eCommerce platform to deliver their consumers personal style advise by harnessing big data, business intelligence solutions and predictive analyses

StyleScript is the technology behind the Personal Style Recommender, providing an optimal match maker between individual consumers' personal profiles and the choices (products/services/experiences) provided by eCommerce platforms. Based upon a patent pending universal style language, StyleScript provides a style wallet interface for individual consumers. StyleScript is a white label B2B-solution and utilizes predictive intelligence to facilitate personal choices and selection consumers navigate eCommerce platforms.

Stylescript, is quickly gaining traction with European eCommerce platforms with various Proof of Concepts in preparation and progress. Furthermore negotiations with various Software Partners are established. Please contact us for additional information.

Personal Style Recommender


Bad online personal advise, endless searching and filtering, consumer gets irrelevant suggestions and doesn’t get a relevant suggestion

Problem definition

Problem definition – Consumers feel frustrated and (r)etailer has no conversion and churn. How nice would it be if someone really understands your “personal” needs. The ultimate online Personal Style Recommender.


Integration of B2B plugin tool on eCommerce platforms, the StyleScript solution.

StyleScript, your style engine

Currently the online world leads the individual shopper on an endless search journey to find only the sought after item, but not to find it in a style that matches the consumer. The online shopper typically begins their customer journey with an online search and ends with an overload of information and possibilities, creating a long drawn out shopping process.

Stylescript Model

Conclusion (problem definition)

The customer has left frustrated without finding the item they were looking for. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an online tool that understood your preferences? Someone that would be the ultimate personal style advisor that could filter through all the noise the web presents.


-       Quick fact: The average online shopping cart abandonment rate is 68.5%; converting only 1-2% already represents an additional $10 billion in recovered revenue.


eCommerce platforms wants to recover abandoned shopping carts, thus it integrates the StyleScript B2B easy to plugin tool into its website, a direct personal recommender tool, in the form of a button [on | off] is available for their consumers. After the consumer fills in the custom style questionnaire (visionnaire), our StyleScript’s algorithm will immediately find the perfect fit for any item the consumer looks for.

Eventually, StyleScript develops into a standalone style portfolio. The individual consumer will be able to use their StyleScript portfolio at additional websites, including those who had the white label, without having to log in again!

As shopping has become much easier for each individual shopper, the consumer has now built up a StyleScript portfolio which now proactively recommends products the consumer wants based on their ‘style wallet’. Best of all, StyleScript’s algorithm keeps your data safe for you, without sharing with the online shops.  

Competitive Advantages of other e-Commerce

Easy Embedded plugin Solution

Implementation 2 weeks.

Guaranteed Higher Conversion + 1 %

Tailormade Questionnaire

Asking the questions you never dared. Help to understand your customer.

Optimisation of Universal Customer User Experience

Real One on One Personalisation instead of clustering

Together creating the predictive Intelligence web

Product & Data enrichment

Ready to use Communication Tool box