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Simple integrations

To be able to interact with the platform, we offer a REST API. From our developer tools, you can play with this API interactively, while you develop your platform integration.

Managed Matching

In a managed matching scenerio, setting up the integration is very simple:

  1. Once in a while, upload a product feed to the API
  2. When a user logs into your site, call the API to discover if they already have an account
  3. If not, offer them a button to send them to your personalized intake link
  4. Once they return to the page, call the API to get the ids of your products that StyleScript recommends for the user
  5. Show the user an overview of the products with these ids
  6. That's it!

Business Rule Compatible

If you want to use your own BRE to analyze the data, the process typically looks like this:

  1. Once in a while, upload a product feed to the API
  2. Download the product feed back from the API, annotated with coordinates
  3. When a user signs up, offer them a link to your personalized intake
  4. After the user returns, get their coordinates from the API
  5. Feed the product and user coordinates into your BRE
  6. The product and user coordinates are in a shared coordinate system, use Euclidian distance to find relations
  7. Setup your business rules
  8. That's it!

Anything unclear?

We'll be glad to walk you through setting up an integration, or even help you find a great personal match with someone who can set it up for you! Just head over to contact to get in touch!