Data Technology

Data Enrichment, matching and translation of attributes into shared coordinated system.

1. Managed Matching


2. Business Rule Compatible

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For both situations the following input is required:

  • Product Data Feed
  • Personalised Intake (tailormade or standard questionnaire) can be embedded in app and or eCommerce platform.
  • Optional : Existing Customer Data Feed


  1. Managed Matching - Matching of products & people will happen completely managed, via the API installation only matchinig products ID’s will be send back matching the user ID.
  2. Business Rule Compatible - Besides the Managed Matching extra output will be send back in a shared coordinated system.
    1. Input of Data Feed will be tagged, enriched with high level attributes and translated into a multi dimensional coordinate (X,Y…S)
    2. Input of Client Data will be translated and analysed into insights coordinates and send back into a multi dimensional coordinate (X,Y…S)


  1. Managed Matching
    Given a user of your platform, we will tell you which of your products they'll love
  2. Business Rule Compatible
    You can use the coordinates to discover relations between your users and your products. You can compare users to users, users to products, and products to products.