StyleScript is the next-generation application.


The interaction between man & technology has fascinated me for years and is only now becoming really interesting. The creation of the perfect online personal advisor is my challenge. With Stylescript I am going to make technology sexy again.

An online personal advisor who acts as a universal filter, proactively searching the worldwide web to find and access suitable products and data. My ambition, which I share and strive to achieve with my team of specialists, is the further development of StyleScript, the ultimate online personal advisor who is always a step ahead, who knows me, inspires and surprises me, thus saving me time. Time is the new luxury.

The current search engines and filters must become more personal, more relevant, more pro-active and more effective, ending the paradox of choice. They must feel as if they have been personally designed for me and give me independent advice. For this purpose, the universal style language is developed.

With the start of StyleScript, we make digital become human and we give big data a personal purpose.

JONNA VAN DEN DUNGEN - CIO & Founder of StyleScript

About StyleScript

With StyleScript we design, develop and maximize solutions by offering everybody's personal advisor. We solve the paradox of choice by translating and processing structured and unstructured data to create an excellent customer experience and a secure environment that makes sense.

StyleScript is your partner for innovative marketing technology. On the one hand, StyleScript focuses on helping lifestyle and consumer-oriented organisations and partners develop big Data Solutions which add value, while on the other hand focusing indirectly on the consumer. Through its intelligent big data solutions, organisations/eCommerce can offer the consumer an excellent customer experience. By translating customer insights and data analyses from the past to the present and particularly to the future, StyleScript can predict customer needs at a personal, proactive and aspirational level. An approach which reflects this modern age and customer needs. Customers expect organisations to hear them and understand what they really want.

StyleScript is in the driver’s seat, knows exactly what the customer needs and, together with organisations, is able to provide a perfect response, offering the ultimate experience, personal service and an amazing collection. For and with them, StyleScript develops and designs innovative and powerful propositions, such as My Style Matcher® (white label/demo platform) to boost their online & offline performance. Ultimately, it’s about MAXIMIZING conversion and customer engagement & loyalty.

Customer Experience

StyleScript does its utmost to maximise and personalise customer experience. The customer is the key! StyleScript is driven to develop solutions and thus reduce the paradox of choice and filter big data based on the customer’s specific needs.

StyleScript is the universal style platform for personal usage. A personal media where users are in control of their own data and can navigate all participating brands based on their personal profile.

StyleScript uses a personal approach to help the customer proactively find relevant, aspirational data on all possible platforms by offering unique and intelligent tools which strengthen and extend the relationship between customer and eCommerce platforms.

Visual Power

StyleScripts knows how to powerfully present the distinguishing capacity of a concept. Visual appeal and simplicity are crucial here. The user is key and expects to be addressed in a personal way. StyleScript thus simplifies the paradox of choice and enriches life, by allowing pictures to speak and strongly promoting relevant content.

Picture it as that scene in The Matrix: You walk into the ‘e-store’ and it’s humongous and vast, but then a snap and a whoosh and only the things that are relevant come down.

Jonna van den Dungen – CIO & founder of StyleScript